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Shirts matter. The coat and tie can be terrific, but if the shirt collar is too tight or too loose, or the collar style isn't flattering, you can't look your best. And on tieless occasions, of which there are so many these days, the shirt itself becomes the centerpiece, often the first thing people notice about what you're wearing.

For the ultimate in flattering style, fit and individuality, indulge yourself in some custom shirts from Fairclough & Co. For dress or casual wear, you can choose from more than 300 fabric swatches, 18 collar styles (from the latest to some old classics you probably thought were no longer available), 8 cuff styles and 6 pocket styles. A dozen separate measurements assure a perfect fit. (If you're hard to fit in a shirt, it's the only way to go.)

Of course we also stock a good selection of off-the-shelf dress shirts from Kenneth Gordon, one of America's best shirtmakers. You'll find traditional white and blue as well as stripes, checks, tattersalls and other plaids, in neck sizes ranging from 14 to 20 and sleeve lengths from 32 to 38. (If you need a standard dress shirt and we're temporarily out of your size, we can have one for you in a week or less.)

As the number of occasions for which sportswear is appropriate continues to grow, so does our selection of distinctive sport shirts. Our crisp gingham checks, stripes and plaids, tailored to dress-shirt standards by Gitman Brothers, Nick Hilton, Scott Barber and MacCluer, are perfect for corporate casual days at the office and casual cocktail or supper parties, with or without a blazer or sportcoat. More rugged styles and fabrics are available, too, most prominently in our new Bob Timberlake collection. Timberlake's denims, chambrays, heavy twills and lumberjack plaids are great for weekend wear, long autumn walks and fireside winter evenings.

We also maintain a good selection of pure white formal shirts, in wing and traditional straight collars. We have most sizes most of the time, and restock promptly during the holiday season.

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